Monday, February 19, 2007

Perry Mason and Fox News and Other

The guy on the left was from a Perry Mason. I always look the episodes up and discovered this actor Jack Betts has a really extensive career. My bet would have been he was one of many guys that gets in and out when the going gets rough finding parts.

The guy on the right is a Fox news reporter somewhere in the Middle East. The drawing top left next to him is a quick attempt at making him more line art and cartooney.

Under that is a Cab Driver that ran over some kids in Nashville


echoform said...

the choice of subjects is braod as is your approach to those subjects. i want to see the big studies you did in your three ring binder a couple of weeks back also please.

Mr Goodson said...

Thanks YW. I'll scan those when I get to work. And I'll state my goals for the coming two weeks.