Thursday, October 08, 2015

Inktober 15- plus Script format

I'm up to Inktober 15 with my work aheads.
It's the Robot. The bottom one is a reject that i renamed Inktober 31. By the time it gets to the 31st I plan to have it replaced.
Here's a PDF on script format that I had to give my email to get.
You can have it future-spam free.

Another work ahead inktober. Done at Drink and Draw last night
of course, always lurking in my head is a Frazetta influence


Surly Bird said...

I like the lion. He's got a really ferocious maw and nice beefy claw-hands.

Tom Moon said...

And I love the robot! I'm gonna have to steal your design for a future robot story.

MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks guys. I'm enjoying inktober. I've got up to number 15. I need to get a few more today. I didn't get RPG freelance yet. I need to put the energy somewhere. What's your discipline Tom. I need to copy a discipline. I'm about to work for Avis for the last time this coming Monday and Tuesday. It should be the last non art job I ever have. I need to make my time start to count for comics and storytelling.

MrGoodson2 said...

The robot i was just thinking Gort. Then I realized, that isn't Gort. And went my own way.

Tom Moon said...

My discipline? There are times when I'm doing a lot of drawing all day and every day, but there are also plenty of times when I'm just re-charging the creative batteries, reading books and comics, watching TV and movies, looking at other people's art, surfing the internet for funny, entertaining and cool things... cooking, NAPPING.

Sometimes I start to get cool ideas between weightlifting sets during a workout. Then I write them down in my workout book and transfer them to my sketchbook when I get home.

I also like to read other people's inspirational advice on being more creative like this woman, Elizabeth Gilbert, who wrote "Eat, Pray, Love":

Or this guy Danny Gregory, an author and artist who writes and draws a lot about cultivating personal creativity:

Davis Chino said...

Elz--working ahead?? ISN'T THIS CHEATING?

I thought the whole Inktober idea was a daily drawing...?

I'm just giving you a hard time. They look great! Your lions always look so happily cartoony!

BDMontag said...

Your sketches tell a lot of story. They are always mid scene.

MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks for the links Tom. I'll do some positive reading today. Mixed with Flannery O'Connor.

Marty, it's low level cheating. I imagine when I'm done thatjust as I did with the lion, I'll be doing stuff over daily because I don't like the scheduled art.

Thanks Ben . When i do a drawing the best ones are always a point in a story.

Rickart said...

Yeah, what Ben said... I like images that feel like there's a before and after. I'm posting my Inktober drawings everywhere else but here... Instagram, FB art page, Twitter and Tumblr.