Sunday, October 04, 2015

Familiar Lament

Once again at the North Park Drawing Group. The model did not show and this young lady volunteered to pose. She gave us a 15-minute clothed pose. I used a General's Sketch Wash pencil with water on regular sketching paper. The model is on a 4-foot-high stage and I was sitting at a standard municipal folding table and folding chair. Most everyone did a full body pose of her on the chair, but I went for a rare shot at portrait. Except for the eyes maybe being a bit too small, I think I have a dead-on likeness even with the oblique angle of having her so high. (The scan shows the water stress on the paper more than I notice it in real life.) I showed her, got a polite smile, and no further interest. Maybe she was just shy. One little compliment from her and I would have given her the picture.
     The model eventually showed up at North Park Drawing Group. I tried my luck with a tube of sepia watercolor on real watercolor paper. The model went around to take pictures of people's work, or rather, other people's work. I won't bore you with images of naked women.

     Here's some Simon and Kirby to go along with my long Kirby post on the Facebook TAG page.


Tom Moon said...

I think it looks like her, and I don't even know what she looks like! You've captured a very definite and very strong feeling of character in both her face and her look.

MrGoodson2 said...

I'm going through my Black and white version of Mister Miracle. Scott Free. It may be , panel for panel, the best Kirby.

I wish I had places to do figure drawing. I'm living in the movie Idiocracy in Oklahoma City when it comes to being an artist.

BDMontag said...

I have Kirby's Mister Miracle in a trade paperback. To me, it was the easiest of the Fourth World books to read. Maybe because Scott and Barda talked to each other in a somewhat normal manner for Kirby and there was a complete adventure per book along with the whole Anti-Life Equation arc. In Simonson's Orion series, it turns out that Scott Free is the capsule for the anti-life equation. High Father placed it right under Darkseid's nose during the "The Pact". I thought that was genius. Is there a hint of that in the original Kirby work? I can't get to my books right now because my wife hired a slow-motion remodeler to replace the floors on the top level of my house and everything is messed up.

Rickart said...

Looks like a great drawing to me... feels like a specific person, not just a random somebody or another. Nice work!
I'm hoping someone will give me the Simonson Orion collection for Christmas.

Davis Chino said...

I like you Ben, and I like your drawings. Don't do it for approval. If anything, do it to blow their socks off. Anything less is meh.

I may do plenty of meh. But I aim for sock-blowing.

I have to read this Kirby discourse!