Wednesday, July 16, 2014


For the writer of the Demon capturing TROPHY story.
This is a novel called Dawn of the Infinity.
A starship with a troll doing the chief engineering.
 Horrible. The perspective just flat kicked my ass. I'd have to start over to get something I liked.
Maybe I could do like Tom, Lift parts and drop it into a new background
Still bugged but I'm done.
The ellipses arrangement was never solidly worked out.
They'll always bug the eye. The shadows on the inside of the circle. No reason for them to exist as cast shadows.
Made this so tough on myself. If I had started with the basics of ellipses drawn within rectangles, bisected in perspective, I would have had zero trouble.
My art brain needs work.


Davis Chino said...

Love it! He looks very happy, with a can-do kinda aura. You make trolls look so contented.

Love the simple yet oh-so-strong shadow scheme, too!

Tom Moon said...

Wonderful drawing Ellis. Your writer friend is lucky to have a resource like you.

MrGoodson2 said...

I just don't draw enough any more. Drawings that could be considered illustration. I doodle.

Davis Chino said...

Elz, they ALL look great--but I wonder if you aren't maybe over-analyzing some of this?? Or really, just questioning yrself too much??

They ALL look great. But very interesting to see what bugged you about the first image and how you changed it....

'Cuz of all of 'em, I like the first one most (sorry!!) The wider format makes his pose more active, I think...the perspective reads fine to me, in some ways I'm less distracted by the detailing on the surface that is meeting your doorway on the left and upper portions of the frame....and the action of the hand coming forward to work the wrench in the 1st go is for me the most satisfactory--it may read as a little cartoony upon close inspection--but I don't know that anyone's gonna look that closely at that sort of secondary element?? And for my money it gives us more action and clarity, and depth--at least to me.