Friday, July 25, 2014

Peter starts his photo reportage


Davis Chino said...

Funny foto Peter! Hope you are having a great day!

Tom Moon was kind enough to invite me along for Day 1 (yesterday).

The plan was to have me use Tom's guest badge, which was purchased in the name of his son-in-law. We arrived at the Convent'n Ctr and headed to the "Pro" badging area with Tom's computer printouts--but they were checking picture ID's before allowing aspirants into line. Big moment of anxiety thinking I'd get tossed (and would they refuse to issue Tom's legit badge as punishment???), but the authorities were only interested in matching Pro paperwork to the Pro person--guests were (thankfully) beneath notice. Phew!

It was PACKED inside. Lots of lines for signings, lines for panels, lines for drinks. As crowded as a Saturday or Sunday. And even the streets outside seemed more crowded than ever. Wow.

But far less Cosplay present on the first day. People were clearly keeping their powder dry for later.

Got some fun books--a very nice softcover collection of all the significant Inhumans' stories from the 60's. Met Gilbert Hernandez (of "Love n' Rockets" fame); bought his new "Bumperhead" and had a very illuminating conversation with him about the biz. He said the "floppy" comic book really just doesn't make any money for anybody anymore, and therefore he has to do graphic novels--and in order to make that work, he has to release multiple novels a year--and that he has to sell each book to a different publisher.

Tom and I stopped by the Chronicle books booth and gave them a hard time for releasing such unambitious pablum (seriously!). They took it in good humor.

Best part was visiting Scott Benefiel in a revamped Artists Alley: Deviant Art stepped up to sponsor A.A. this year and their effort showed--much nicer than before, and even more importantly, they've reversed that long-term negative trend there....I was trying to explain the greatness of Ellis's two-part podcast interview, and maybe it was the synergy of setting and history, maybe it was just good ol' comic book magic, but the spirit of Ellis Goodson manifested right there among us. I became the temporary spirit medium thru which Ellis was able to tell Scott and Tom how he used to run to work in Oklahoma City when working at a print was amazing. Not nearly as good as having the actual Goodson present, but it had to do....

We then met Ranjo at Stuart Ng's Books booth where Ranjo engaged in some hi-pressure sales tactics to (unsuccessfully) force some kid to buy a "Art of Frozen" book from Stuart. It was pretty hilarious...wound up having a cute chick become starstruck and beg him for a couple of sketches. Ah, celebrity....

Good fun! Wish more of our T.A.G. brothers and sisters could've joined us!

MrGoodson2 said...

THat was great reporting.

Peter didn't post the photo to the TAG blog. It's on his tumblr. I've re routed it to here. I'll do more of them as I notice their occurrence.

Thanks for thinking of me. The Hernandez pump sounds like another one of those bits of advice saying, you don't do this work for the money.

I'm already onboard the pauper train. Might as well do some comics.

They still let Benefiel in Artist Alley? I guess they have their reasons.

BDMontag said...

What do you mean "floppy" comic? I assume it is the standard comic book but you know what happens when you assume.