Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cosmic Theatre Book Prototype

I'm going to be taking a class in making books by hand.  It's taught by Sibyl Rubottom at her studio print shop, Bay Park Press, an artist's co-op.  My goal is to create a prototype for my Cosmic Theatre book, plus I'm just interested in some of the more creative aspects of book creation.  This will give me a chance to actually hold a physical copy of my work in my hands and feel how it reads. I'm working on doing some supplementary art and writing to flesh out the book as a whole, adding things like "About the Author" and "Foreword" pages. Just those little extras that help introduce the book to the reader instead of having them go in cold.  Sibyl also teaches classes at the Athenaeum in La Jolla.  Maybe you know her Marty?
"Proprietors Sibyl Rubottom and Jim Machacek founded Bay Park Press in 2000 to foster the production of artists’ books and printmaking, and to promote interest in the letterpress printing process in San Diego."


Rickart said...

SWEET! I'm getting very excited for this! You need to get this into peoples hands!

MrGoodson2 said...

If I had a printing company it would be called Slipshod Runners.
You do it right Tom.
Lead with high quality all the way. What a great sales tool. Some publisher with their greedy mitts on your hand made book , turning it, reading it. SOLD!

Davis Chino said...

Great to see the book become more tangible. I met Sybil a time or two in that long ago San Diego past of mine, but don't remember her at all. I do remember her class. Her printing press co-op sounds great! Hope you get solid results--we know yr material is great!

p.s. I vote for large format.

JMG said...

Good deal Tom

Surly Bird said...

Looks awesome, Tom!