Wednesday, May 01, 2013

This blows my mind.
Look how long it takes to scroll to the bottom of this page.

Random sample of the many, MANY, indy titles being offered these days.
Someone self promoting on Facebook lead me to this Indy Planet.
Gorillas vs Robots...Does it excite me? 
Well done art involving two favorite subjects?
For some reason with so much other stuff, it makes me tired.


Davis Chino said...

These are fine, but nowhere near as interesting as the stuff you've been doing.

Goodson goodness: it's what the public wants!

I said these are fine, but really, they look terrible to me. I don't mean to sound like an a--hole. I just think these look like the 450th reiteration of these over-worn ideas...what looks vital or interesting about these covers?

Rickart said...

I agree with Marty... they are overworked and under thought out.

Tom Moon said...

That is a lot of comics. At first I thought they were all separate titles, but then I noticed that each issue of each title is listed, so the total number of titles is much fewer.

Tom Moon said...

Yeah, it makes me tired too. The same feeling I get after a couple of hours at a comic book convention. Looking at a list like this makes me think, "Oh no, that's how people are going to see my comic book. Just one more title on the heap." And it is a heap.

JMG said...

What do you expect from a inbred generation of ideas. It's why I pass on comic collecting of today. It's so uninspired to me, a few gems now and again but it's mostly fanboy junk. And all this stuff like Marty said "450th reiteration of these over-worn ideas".

MrGoodson2 said...

Tom Moon, there is some repetition thankfully. I noticed one title appearing a lot under almost every heading. Adventure , Drama , etc.
Rob Hanes Adventures

But it's a lot of one shots as well.
You go to Ka-Blam, do the formatting ( must be simple if this many people can figure it out) and pow. You're making money. If you've got a flair for self promotion, you might be looking at some real income.

MrGoodson2 said...

5 or 6 occasions of the Rob Hanes block of titles. That just jumped out to me. There are probably a couple of other titles getting the repeat treatment.

MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks Marty. This stuff is no reason not to create.
Marvel and Dc have practically orphaned the farm teams of comic books. A guy could probably work hard at being an indy and make as much money as an old work for hire artist working in the 1960s.

MrGoodson2 said...

Watched Para-Norman last night. Beautiful stop motion, magic, movie making.
Modest box office. I didn't support it by going out to see it.
That much effort for little reward.
Little messy in the story department. Pixar wouldn't have put it on the shelf without a lot more adjustments.
But the fantasy film is also a crowded shelf item. You have to have beautiful marketing and do a good enough film that social media goes nuts with word of mouth.

Tom Moon said...

I haven't even heard of ParaNorman. Guess it didn't get much publicity. Trailer looked a little too creepy for me. That's what they said about Coraline too wasn't it? Another movie I didn't see. Like Donovan singing "Season of the Witch" though.

Surly Bird said...

Definitely feeling what everyone is saying here and why comic conventions really don't do that much for me (outside of getting to see friends - which is awesome and primarily all I care about).

We're swimming in a sea of sameness. Everything entertainment has hit a saturation point that frankly makes me wonder what is left. Is there anything truly original other than a flood of more biopics along the lines of "American Splendor?" (Original in the sense that true-life stories are unique because they happen to each person, uniquely - not that the idea of a biopic is unique).

Of course, that is an exaggeration and there is an unlimited spectrum of stories left untapped, but most people just want to make something fun that could easily be turned int the next 'big' thing.

I don't mean this in any negative way. And as a guy who wants to make a small animated film, I don't think I'm doing anything other than parroting what others are doing or have done. And it is hard to stay motivated because of that.

I've been feeling this way for a long time. Somebody will come along and prove me wrong, which will delight me. Always glad to see something 'new,' -- at least something new to me.

MrGoodson2 said...

The main trick in marketing is what will people project into.
Titanic's huge BO was little girls that fell in love with Leonardo and went back multiple times for the experience of loving the screen.
So character design is huge.
Think of the things you saw once and thought,"got to see that."
Guy in a fedora with a whip.
Guy dressed like a bat.
Kid in a karate gi armed with a flourescent tube.
Sometimes world creation can get you revved up, but it's mainly character design as in casting.
John Carter, great example. Everything they presented was just OK for the main character.
They needed to go some way to give him a twist. Topknot haircut. Mars Fashion design that went into the Warner Bro cartoon realm.
Something that says, you want to meet this guy, he's never been seen before.

JMG said...

"We're swimming in a sea of sameness. Everything entertainment has hit a saturation point that frankly makes me wonder what is left."

You got that right Surly. I've been feeling this since the 90's. It's all the SATURATION from all aspects. TV, Film, Music, Comedy, Comics etc. Also add the fact that LARGE corporation own the major properties now and all they want is to make the quick buck using lots of flashy eye candy and lowbrow perspectives to feed the dull minds of the masses so they will spend money. In comics and their paralleled forms of entertainment. Have stagnated. Every kid wants to be a Reality star or a video game/comic book artist (Not good story tellers either. It's use to be getting a comic was a steak dinner of storytelling. Now it's not even the foul bile taste of a TV dinner. That's why the classics survive.

Davis Chino said...

...and Surly Ronnie, don't think we didn't all chuckle at yr sly pun, "...don't think I'm doing anything other than parroting what others are doing...."

With a Surly Bird! Ha!

re: our the main argument here: well hell, it's hard to come up with something new!