Thursday, May 30, 2013

Update from Tom Carroll

I am enjoying all the posts recently, including anything by Marty ... (well, and Ellis, and Scotty, and Rick, and ... well, you get it). I am continuing to "work for the man," at Home Depot, while doing side projects. I'm working much more closely with the founder of RetroActiv Games (Space Baby Patrol) to be more professional with the way we do things. We have S.B.P. being looked at by LAI Games (out of Singapore and Australia) and we're pitching a game to Sea World (and I am writing another one up that would be a game that dispenses bulk candy).

I also just finished a one minute online movie to promote author Simonetta Carr's Christian Biographies for Young Readers book series. I do the maps for these books and it was a pleasure to make this movie because it allowed me to take original art from the books and make some of it move a bit using Photoshop and After Effects. Fun it was.

Now I am done for another six months, or maybe if something else significant happens.     ;-)


MrGoodson2 said...

Heck Tom. You're doing great. Awesome list of involvements and seeds planted.

Haven't watched the film. I'll post a reaction to it later. Sounds like a great project.

I'm about to spend the weekend doing some Illustrator samples for a local trophy company. The job sounds fun. Closest I've gotten to getting a real job.

Shotgunned applications to Home Depot too.

Hobby Lobby.
The Library. (Misc)
Elance bids

Just making up my own projects like that Lulu book.

Keep pitching.

Tom Moon said...

Thanks for the update Tom. I was hoping we would hear from you soon. I've missed hearing about your comic projects as well.

Surly Bird said...

Good on you, Tom! Way to keep moving forward! It's definitely inspiring to read up on all your accomplishments!

MrGoodson2 said...

Just had a phone interview with AVIS. They put me on the closer tier to being employed.
Job is taking one car from one location to another location. Windshield time.
Always liked that when I worked construction.
I could dictate whole epic graphic novels as I move Gremlins and Pintos throughout the city.

MrGoodson2 said...

OJ did the Avis commercials I believe. They try harder.
Oops. Hertz

Davis Chino said...

Tom Carrol!

I am so glad to read your update. You are missed here on the site. Tom Moon and I were just talking about Gun-Nose!

Dude, I will hope to see you in San Diego when Con time rolls around.

Rickart said...

Yes, glad to see you here as well! How did Felicity's first year of college go?