Sunday, May 19, 2013

Goon rough. Pin Up

I'll work on it some more tonight. Try to have something kind of finished tomorrow to add to this slot.
The monster is going to be a four eyed Frankenstein. I accidentally arrived at that from some cut and paste adjustments. I always liked drawing stitches in Frankenstein's head.
Gotta do the monster now.
I'm going to ink the rough above separately in Manga Studio.
Using that rough original. 
The pencils are based on looking, transcribing, and as usual, I lost something.
Played with Levels. 
The one on Ebay will have no level adjustment


MrGoodson2 said...

I've now decided to look at this and do pencils inspired by this. Really nice sketch that would sell on Ebay for 50 or so bucks. Then ink that in Manga studio later.

Rickart said...


Davis Chino said...


I really love, love, love the four-eyed Frankenstein (a phrase which deserves its own comic book character, "Four-Eyed Frankenstein"). And such a cool overall composition. love the idea of the Goon...but I wonder if you couldn't push his pose even a little more?? Does he look a wee bit more static than you probably intended (esp'ly in the cleaned-up version)?

I look fwd to seeing the finish!!

MrGoodson2 said...

You're right Marty. About the pose. Like I say, straight up tracing the rough would have been better. I copied and my new study missed this and that. I'll have the finish to show tonight

Surly Bird said...

Looking great!

Davis Chino said...

LOVE the four-eyed effect in the final. A very memorable design!

And I love the big composition. Cool!