Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Channeling Those Playboy Dudes

A felt-tip marker drawing for Blair from a while ago. Just got this framed for her (speaking of frames, Rick--I love it and feel very honored!).

Without intending to, I think my expression came out like one of those old Playboy cartoons (the "besotted surprise" look, let's call it). I was very pleased with that part...(less so with Blair's face, which I'll admit I tweaked in PhoSho to get a better likeness).

But who doesn't love a fat horse?

I've been rasslin' with devising a workspace at home (always takes me forever to do this, and the slowness fills me with self-loathing...hence my absence on the blog). Great to click back on this, my homepage, and see all the activity here.

And hey--had lunch with Tom Moon yesterday, with a bonus sighting of Joe Shoopack and Rick Randolph. Very good to visit with some old Sony/BlueSky brethren!


Surly Bird said...

You always put a smile on my face, Marty! Love the warm glow of your colors! The chunky horse is a plus!

MrGoodson2 said...

I love this. Perfect pose and silhouette. All the cool mass of Blair's hair. Great color.

I know the artist you're talking about for Playboy. The guys that are bursting with life, all ruddy faced.

Doug Sneyd

I also commented on my own post that you shouldn't buy my Lulu anthology. I'm sending you a copy.

MrGoodson2 said...

Get the workplace rassled into existence.

Tom Moon said...

Doug Sneyd was at the Emerald City Comic Con. And I've seen him at the last to San Diego Cons. One of the old guys who's still around.

Tom Moon said...

I DO love the fat horse!

Tom Moon said...

Patty Moon says, "He always makes her look good and himself look goofy." (Followed by "He doesn't really look like that.)

Davis Chino said...

Ha! So glad you guys like it! Ellis, you are a fantastic internet archaeologist. I have to look at more of this stuff. Tom, I can't believe that Sneyd is alive--and kickin' at the 'Cons! We have to track him down and shake his hand!

p.s. Patty is very funny...but Blair does look good--and I do look goofy!!

Rickart said...

I like the Jack Davis body you pu on yourself and we do indeed love fat horses.