Wednesday, December 26, 2012

THQ Chapter 11

I was so busy the past week that piece of news about THQ went unnoticed. Sounds like they are very vulnerable to being snatched up for way less than their former market value. If that occurs you know they'll go through staff with a fire axe. You really don't want your future riding on Southpark, The Stick of Truth.


Rickart said...

It almost seems like the natual cycle for companies in general and game companies in particular. Start up with an eye on selling, selling and then slowly (or not so slowly) the company gets torn up by cost cutting, cultural changes and a directional shift in business goals.
It doesn't help in THQ's case that the console market in general has already seen it's peak and is in an increasingly speedy nose dive.

MrGoodson2 said...

X-Box seems to be the console that stayed on a fairly even keel. It will all move into apps and streaming eventually. Probably even be a little more democratic as to who makes money at the business of games.