Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sketch for My Comic



Rickart said...


Looking forward to it!

Davis Chino said...

Tommy! Love it!!

Looks terrific--so glad to see you workin' it. We need Moon goodness! What a great robot colossus!

(p.s. I'd still rather see it hand-lettered in the inimitable (and inimitably meticulous) Tom Moon style...but don't let that slow you down!!)

I'm in Virginia, and just now got my log in to work. And I'm working on my contributions to the book, too!

Tom Moon said...

I would like it hand-lettered as well in the end. I'm thinking of the typed portions as placeholders. Hopefully I'll have time in the end to swap it out.

Davis Chino said...


Tom Moon said...

Oh, so now you've moved to Virginia? Gee, seems like you just got settled in California.

Davis Chino said...

Ha! No--out here for the holidays. We'll be back New Year's.

The more I look at this, the more I want to see a flamboyant, turn-of-the-century kind of framing motif...(this is my cue to post a link, right?)