Monday, December 17, 2012

A Gravestone For Shel Dorf, The Founder Of Comic Con?

Shel Dorf basically founded the San Diego Comic Con, now a massive media event event, bringing in billions of dollars.
Dying in 2009, he is buried in an unmarked grave in Home of Peace Cemetery.
During the Detroit Fanfare convention, which hosts the Shel Dorf Awards, one group began raising money for a gravestone to commemorate the life of the man.
They are looking to raise $2,200 for a stone the size of his parents’ gravestones, who he is buried next to.
It’s very possible that a reader of this website might be able to find the whole thing. Or maybe just help with a few dollars. You can contact Jill Smethers for more.


Rickart said...

Is there a way to find out if this is legit? I would like to repost this, but I would like some reassurance that this is the real deal.

Davis Chino said...

Jimmy, your appreciation (and continued loyalty) to Shel is most moving. I never met the man myself, but this certainly sounds like a worthy cause...if it's legit.

(Ah, sad how the interwebs have made such cynics of us all....)

Tom Moon said...

Very nice tribute. I'm sorry I never met him either.

Rickart said...

Not to totally derail this converstation, but Jim: SEND ME DRAWINGS! I want them for the TAG book. some of your cool enigmatic female faces would be a great addition to the book. :)

JMG said...

When's the latest You need them?, What format and what resolution?

Rickart said...

150 dpi minimum. No rush... a couple of weeks perhaps? I'm hoping to format the thing next week and then dropping in art should be a snap.