Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cover Possibilities (UPDATED!!)

In a burst of post-Tom Moon inspiration I drew this:

I put dialogue on it, but probably punchier without it (tho' who here has the strength to pass up a good butt joke?). The character bubbles were just what I had handy--we can distribute these amongst our contributors however we want.

UPDATED: Incorporating some of the ideas posted. Cheesy 70's font all my own doing. Haven't heard back from Scott if he (and Cork) are in. Obviously the "Tuesday Art Group" upper corner could use work--same with the fonts and finer points on the layout.



Tom Moon said...

FAN-TASTIC!!! And weren't you the one who was wary of group character covers? You argue eloquently against yourself! Now I'm inspired in turn to keep going, but I have to tell you, I'm not very hopeful of completing my story before the Con, even if I devote the entire Christmas break to it. It has kind of taken on a life of its own and keeps growing in scope.

Davis Chino said...

Tommy, so glad you dig it. Depending on what people want, we can make it more serious, less serious, drop the captioning, whatever the group thinks. And if anyone else wants to do the final art, I'm happy to hand it over! This is a group project, after all....

Those are Creeple characters loitering behind the character bubbles.

Re: "Cosmic Theater": SO GREAT that you're working on it. DON'T think of this TAG compilation as a place to put a FINAL story--think of it as a showcase for your teaser.

Here's what you could do--keep sketching thumbnails, writing your outline, whatever--and when you've got what you need to begin final art, just draw whatever panels/pages/images catch your fancy. Even if you only finish enough images for TWO PAGES it will be amazing!! You could give us a page that's just a diagram of the Robot Giant.

Keep it up!

And besides, we need the content.

Rickart said...

Tom: Totally agree with Marty! Another alternative to contribute something that is already done... you have quite a bit of material that you've created over the years... I would be super happy to have any of those stories in the book!

As far as he cover goes: Very exciting! I have some concern over the title "TAG Tales" because we will (hopefully) have a lot of contributions of sketches that probably won't constitute "tales".

Of course I'm quite flattered to have my character sported on the cover. ;)

Tom Moon said...

Yes, beautiful renditions of all the characters. The little picture of Rick's character in the circle (lifted from one of Rick's sketches I assume) I notice is called "Doctor Occulus"?

Is that correct? "Occulus"? I've been mistakenly thinking of her as "Doctor Ocular". Just want to make sure.

Davis Chino said...

Yes, the title: what do you guys think??

"Ten-knuckled TAG Attack"?
"TAG Oversized Annual"?
"TAG--in stereo"?

Maybe the lady Dr. of Creton is called "Dr. Occular"...Rick? Can you straighten us out?

Just don't call her "Doc Ock"!

I did the little sketch-up of her--but in the style of Rick Schmitz.

Tom Moon said...

You faked me out Marty. You are the Frank Gorshin of comic art. Is Raymond a counterfeit job too???

MrGoodson2 said...

I like TAG Oversized Annual. I was always a big fan of that DC product marketing.
It's a nice fake out hinting a ton of non anthologized work has gone on but this is the re-printable stuff.

Beautiful work.

Rickart said...

TAG Oversized Annual #1!

Dr. Ocular is correct.

Also, I think the cover needs something to suggest that there's some random art in it as well. And/or perhaps a place to put 'names' in the industry... assuming we get some contributions from Scott, Brent and the like. I put out a message in FB, but if anyone reading this has a more direct line to Scott, Brent, Eric S., Roger Robinson, and the like I would appreciate it.

Jim G: I will be a few drawings from you as well. :)

Tom C: The same goes for you!

Davis Chino said...

Rick, I've been bugging JMG to contribute, but to no avail so far. Glad you're helping put the fire to his feet.

And hey--ELLIS!! I can wipe a large worry from my brow now that you've made your journey from CA to OK.

Title: "A T.A.G. Collection"?

"The Notorious T.A.G."?

Not sure how to relay info that there's just "art" inside as well as comix...any suggestions? I'm reworking a layout per Rick's other suggestions.

Rickart said...

I'm not thinking of anything more complex that a bit of text that says "Stories and other art by (Names people would know) and many more" or some such. Perhaps it's in an additional circle underneath the others.

I don't mean to be bossy about this... I just want to make sure that A)all contributors feel included and B) that someone buying the book will be clear on what they are getting.

Is Scott for a fact contributing some Cork stuff? That would be awesome/cool if that's the case!

Tom Moon said...

Where has Tom Carroll been, and did the Gun Nose comic ever get published?

Davis Chino said...

Ha! Rick, y're not being bossy! I made a modified version of this with those suggestions, but I can't get it uploaded in my precarious wifi situation...give me a day or two.


Davis Chino said...

Damn, clunky phone interface stiffed me....

I've emailed Scott, no word yet. Maybe it's a "no" on Cork, in which case we'll make Dr. Ocular the sole rocket hostage.

I'll try to get the mod up--anybody else (Ellis, Jimmy, Tom--y're in this, too!) is welco e to grab this chunk o pixels and

Davis Chino said...

Aargh--you guys can mod this art--lets find a way to get this working
To everyone's satisfaction. As far as getting "art+stories" idea across, Imy mod has title TAG ANNUAL SAMPLER then says Art by: Benefield (Hellboy/Ghost, Silver Surfer) Anderson (Astro City), Schmitz...and more!"
So clunky typing this on phone--ugh!

Tom Moon said...

Make sure you spell Scott's last name with no "d" at the end - "Benefiel".

Spell-checkin' Tom

Rickart said...

Sampler! Perfect!

Davis Chino said...

Great! I'll try to upload something today.

Rickart said...

Looking good. I think the layout is solid. If you can, just create the art and leave space at the bottom for the credits... we can adjust as we get entries. I think Ranjo would be a better name on the cover than me... especially if we put "Disney Feature Animation/Sony Pictures Animation" beside it.

I havne't heard too much yet from my FB message to various folks... if someone has a more direct line to guys like Brent, please talk to them. I'll pester Maurie some more.

Davis Chino said...