Friday, December 07, 2012

Tales From Slaughter Alley

Thumbnails for a Marty Davis script.


Tom Moon said...

Way to intrigue us. So now you and Marty are teaming up for a contribution to the TAG comic? What's the story behind your getting this script?

MrGoodson2 said...

Tom. Marty has a Portland friend with a cool IP that is already pre-sold in other areas. Marty wants a stab at expanding it to comics.
We discussed the idea when Marty took me to dinner and the Hitchcock movie last Sunday.
Then I suggested Thursday, yesterday, that I probably couldn't do the art based on my recent aborted attempts to finish my own strip.
Marty sent the script. (He was going to send thumbnails) So I instead did the thumbnails last night.
It was a tight script, had a shot , frame breakdown. Which I deviated from only once ( I think) and that was accidental.
I worked backwards through the script, using my knowledge of the story to just react to the shot break down.
I knew the setting, and the intent.

Marty wants to ink my pencils. I'm going to look at my thumbnails in photoshop, do a little manipulation, Cleaning,, spotting blacks, insert the script type, send that pSD to Marty. He can print it up and ink it for the finish.

Davis Chino said...

ELLIS! LOVE IT!! Holy cats, you are going to crack up when you see my version--very Twilight Zone to see so many similarities...yet the differences will fascinate.

This is a kind of oddball project--I keep winding up doing horror-themed pieces, when that's not my beat at all!

I'll post my thumbs ASAP.

These are really fun! They look great, El-mo!

MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks Marty.

I can let these be my take but then do pencils over your thumbnails. If that is warranted.

If you have much tighter thumbnails, there's really not a lot of pencil decisions you should be wanting. You're so ready to go with the inks if you have your inkling already well set down.

I bet if you were to poll Tom Moon, he's like to see pure Marty.

Rickart said...

Whoa! I was gone this weekend and wasn't looking at the TAG blog... this looks terrific! I'm very jazzed about this collaboration! I'm looking forward to seeing the final product!

MrGoodson2 said...

Rick. It's all Marty. I enjoyed breaking down his tight script. He might use an idea or two from the break down but it's all him vs a tentative idea we worked out that I would pencil into his layouts.
He's just too already there to be penciling anything into. Which is good because I'm way too discombulated to get any real work done at the moment.