Friday, August 21, 2009

War Wagon Plus an Idea

The Wagon and other random doodles just me exploring shapes for Nadja's conveyance.

The guy with the squinchy features is from some news story. And the idea is, why not post a face like this and then everyone do a caricature.

What do you think?

The title is a link to a Cat dying a slow death. Not for the squeamish.


Tom Moon said...

Your comment about the cat dying a slow death almost kept me from looking, but I knew that you couldn't possibly mean that literally, so I looked. And I was right, so it's o.k. to look everybody.

Mr Goodson said...

Ha. Thanks for checking Tom. I love kitties.

Jeff said...

I'll try the caricature thingie!

Tom Moon said...

I have no talent for caricature. I would humiliate myself. If I were Mort Drucker or Marty Davis that would be different.