Monday, August 24, 2009

BizLogo-Haed-Avatar Inspired

I like my dyslexia on "head" so I left it.
Sketch inspired ( or copied) from Avatar trailer.
And a biz card I picked up at Comicon that was very close to a logo I remember as one of Rick's logos.


rickart said...

I've had a couple of different logo/signatures. I don't really like the one I use now anymore, but I find the whole concept of a signature so pretentious now that I can't motivate myself to come up with a new one. I pretty much only sign stuff if someone asks me (like when I visit my kids' school and do some quick sketches, for example).

Nice stuff! I've been wanting to do a drawing of the squinty guy, but I haven't had a chance as of yet.

rickart said...

I should probably qualify that statement. I will stand in line for a signature, but it needs to be a really good one, like Ray Harryhausen... and a really short line. When I buy stuff from regular joes at the con they usually need to remind me to get a signature. I'm always happy with it once I get a signature, but I sort of forget about it at the moment of purchase.