Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Met Joe Rubenstein at Comic Con; Here Is His New Onlie Portfolio

The title is a link to Joe's work, both his inks of other artist's pencils and his own color work. If you know of specific industry work, contact Joe about it off of his Web page, or forward the link to your contact. To the best of my knowledge he is finishing up a pro job or two, but in this economy ... after that? You can never have enough work or enough industry contacts.


Deane D said...

Wow! Very impressive. I especially liked the illustrations of the Beast and of Plastic Man with the Impossible Man.

Mr Goodson said...

That is an awesome Bizarro Superman. He should post it on facebook. Get some reactions.

rickart said...

I liked Joe's work on John Byrne's run on Capt. America. Byrne benifeits from a good inker and Joe was one of my favs. I seem to recall that he looks pretty good on Brent's pencils, too.