Saturday, August 15, 2009

MadMen Couple - Brent's Post

Brent tried posting a comment in response to Ellis's "Arnold" post, but it needed moderating, probably because it included the "D" word. I accidently deleted his comment. Brent, try posting again.

Oh, and here's Patty and me as a '60's MadMen couple. We each designed ourselves using the "MadMen Yourself" web site Beata discovered:


Mr Goodson said...

Brent called me a Dickweed? That's weird he couldn't post. Something was done where it all gets filtered through a moderator now If I remember right.

Very good Shak style art. Or UPA. Same thing I guess. Mainly an era I remember oh so well. Early 60s America.

rickart said...

Get Brent on the admin list... I'd do I myself but I'm posting from the beach.

Tom Moon said...

Rick, I'm picturing you in a lounge chair with a tropical drink in your hand.

rickart said...

Heh... more like a picnic table in a hoodie... it was a bit cool out there.

By the way, that image of you is just dreamy. I could see you hanging out at the Playboy Mansion looking like that.

Deane D said...

This looks like fun! You look sharp and Patty's design is very elegant.