Sunday, August 16, 2009

Movies and Comics article

Click on the headline for an interesting discussion about why movies based on comics don't lead to better comics sales. The answers aren't that surprising, but the thoughts on how to improve the situation are worthy of our consideration.


Tom Moon said...

Good article, and it pretty much confirms what so many of us feel about today's comics. No good jumping on points for beginners. Makes me feel like writing my own article on comics.

Mr Goodson said...

Good article. People don't read. They watch and surf. You need a narration track for comics today.

Have you seen the DC Wednesday Comics Newspaper? I just picked up number 6.

That is a great way to showcase serialized comic stories. They have a single page per character.

The one for Superman, he's Clark Kent taking a nap in Bed. His house is blown up around his ears. Picking himself out of the rubble he is screamed at by a huge buff Alien "KRyptonian!" "The End" for this issue.
Newspaper size on pulp/newsprint. Awesome.

Here's a Teen Titans page in the paper done by "Cheeks"

Tom Moon said...

Beautiful stuff by "Cheeks".

I've decided that until my hair turns completely white, it is black.