Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sold Out ComiCon

4 day passes are sold out for Coomiccon. A 30 year first.


Jeff said...

Uh oh.

Mr Goodson said...

Just talked to Gorham. He said capacity, legal capacity for selling tickets has been achieved on most of the pass types. Theyt aren't going to let you casually show up and get a pass. You have to get in now and make sure you have a spot before you can get your pass. Is this the same event I used to wander around from hotel to hotel thinking it was a big deal to see the guy who played Freddy Krueger?

Davis Chino said...

Well, looks like ComicCon isn't holding any special door open for the venerable TAG society. But let's use the event as an excuse to schedule a big TAG get together. I have been missing my TAG brothers something fierce (Tommy! JJonas! Dok! WHither thous? Ranjo, Scotty, what happened to our Marvel Movie Dates??).

Can we find a good location to congregate, share stories and a nice meal? There is a cool "upscale"(?) bowling alley in Irvine (?), a convenient halfway spot--we can bowl, sketch, and act cool. Let's reserve some lanes and have a party! The Anti-Con.

Who's with me??

(This plan deserves a special post--I will work on some details and do so.)

Mr Goodson said...

Irvine? Orange County?!! I doubt if many Con goers are into a trip beyond that 5/805 smash up, past the reactor check points then to the 5 /405 smash up to go bowling. It sounds like a great get together theme but I'm sure everybody would only be willing to contemplate going as far afield as La Mesa. And that's a stretch. We ought to go to some place we all used to eat when we worked at Bluesky. Didn't Dana favor some sort of Mongolian BBq? And if we go for a watering hole favored by TAG it would be a Denny's. Unfortunately. HMMM, There's a big bowling alley in the old Ben Herrera neighbourhood above PB, Balboa I believe it is called. I wonder if there is a Coronado bowling alley? That would be cool.

Mr Goodson said...

Balboa Park. Grab something from some eatery in Hillcrest and have a picnic next to the Zoo. All the people that have stayed San Diego natives are going "big deal." It would be good nostalgia for me.

Davis Chino said...

I didn't mean for us to do the get-together while the Con is going. I meant the missed opportunity of the Con should spur us to organize a different meeting place, meeting time, etc.

If we did get together during the Con, we should do it in S.D.

I am not going to the Con. Tom didn't invite me. And that mad house atmosphere is less and less appealing to a sensitive manager-type like myself.

Jeff, are you Sony cats presenting anything that you'll be attending?

Jeff said...

Marty- I haven't heard about any presentation although since I'm not involved in any upcoming projects directly then I'm not going anyway. I'd rather wander the floor for that hidden treasure mainly made of plastic and in robot form.

I freaked when I saw Ellis' post and quickly bought the 3 day deal with an extra Saturday single. You can write off these expenses y'know. I was expecting to just show up and try to get in "pro-style" but I guess I'm too geeky not to make Saturday. Lesson learned. Register early, and often.

So I would like a casual dinner. Bowling sounds good. Time to talk, hang and be stoopid. No suggestions at this time. Maybe in Chula Vista?? Away from the Downtown Madhouse. I only know of one, maybe two in the South Bay. The latter might be gang territory so maybe not that one.

Tom Moon said...

Marty, If you need a pass to the Con, you can go as Patty Moon again this year. I thought that you might have registered as a professional this year now that you are back in the industry. Rick and Sue and their kids might be staying with us during the Con weekend, but even so, if you need to stay the night, we can find you a couch to crash on.