Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I (heart) werewolves, (esp. misguided teenage werewolves).

And I (heart) Ellis.

And I really (heart) Jeff's movie.

JEFF, I took the SAME family group to sees Rats on its opening day as I took to see yr flick (with the exception of my 77 yr old Grandmother, who is back in Oregon--still had my 70 yr old aunt along for the septagenerian perspective) AND THE VERDICT IS IN: THEY ALL LIKED SURF's UP BETTER!!

No foolin'. Props from my peeps to yr penguins.

The proof is in the pic.


rickart said...

Your figure work is top notch! It's very easy too fall into what I call "formula" figure drawing, where a person uses the same poses and angles to describe the figure, but your figures are always fresh and lively. Nice job!

Mr Goodson said...

Nice werewolves Marty. I like that knife as a throwing knife. See ya. Nice comparative reviews. I agree. Ratatouille was more technically advanced but Surf's Up story and characters were more fun.

Jeff said...

Thanks Marty (and Ellis). Another friend of ours said the exact same thing. She actually fell asleep during Rat. Oh well. It is a good movie though. Very sophisticated compared to SU. I talked to a friend at Pix and he told me the previous version and it was SO complicated. Brad did a good job distilling the story down into nice bite sized chunks (pun intended).

Nice wolf-boy. No wonder he's misguided. He carries a knife with him. What he needs is a gun.

Jeff said...

BTW are you attending the CON this year????