Thursday, July 19, 2007


This guy is a sad rip-off of Cyclops. But he doesn't shoot beams from his eyes. He shoots them from his chest. Just a modified laser pointer that blinds you. That's all. Must be getting closer to Comic-Con. I'm drawing superheroes...


rickart said...

pretty darn cool... I love the belt emblem and his smug grin.

Tom Moon said...

Eye Claudius?
Eye Captain?
Eye Keptin?

Tom Moon said...

No no... "Eyes Chest"

rickart said...

Mud in Your Eye?
The Eye has It?
Eye Spy?
Eye, Robot?
Eye Am Legend?
Eye for an Eye?
The Eye of March?

Aw, who am I kidding... how can you get any better than Eye Baller?

Mr Goodson said...

Captain AyeAye. I think you should do an indy comic Thraxis, I mean Skrbblr. It might evolve into your own Incredibles. You definitely have the reserve of ideas. I just noticed Tom has already riffed Captain and Eye. I withdraw Captain AyeAye.

Tom Moon said...

If this character was drawn specifically for the Con, he could be Eye-Con.

I'm done.