Sunday, July 01, 2007

Evil Dead Game Prop

Prop used in the commercial for the Evil Dead game. (See frame Grab above) A Bruce Campbell hero worshipping nerd has his hand cut off to replace it with a lawn trimmer and then makes the mistake of trying to intimidate his neighbour, the real Bruce Campbell by revving this prop and shooting him a look. Campbell then jumps the hedge and chases the maimed neighbour. I'm selling it on EBAY. I will report how much I made.

See the original ad here.

I'm using the blog to create an URL for a nice high rez URL location


echoform said...

amazing. how do you have this?

Mr Goodson said...

Ahem. I've been sworn to secrecy. Let's just say it was a gift and that I made my intentions clear upon reciept that I'd sell it on Ebay. Who knows, the starting bid of 30 may be too high to sell it. If I could hijack some aint it cool thread that happened to be discussing Bruce Campbell I might get a lot of money for it. But then I'd be a spammer and death would be too good for me.