Friday, July 06, 2007

My first Mobile Game!

Actually, this game was nearly done when I joined the company, but I did work on this title.

Okay, so it's not Ratatouille, but it's a game and it's out within 3 months of my joining the team!

Update: Um, okay, so I have no idea how to get YouTube videos to appear here... a little help, please!

Update 2: Thanks Jeff, for helping me out with the embedded video!


Mr Goodson said...

What dis this game require in the way of art? Is it mainly user interface stuff? How many colors do you get to use?

Jeff said...

How to embed video:

go to the original YouTube video page you want to play. Look to the right of the video screen and you'll see a box where there is more info/tags/date added/etc. At the bottom are two boxes with URL and Embed next to them. Go to embed and copy the text in the box.

Now go back to your post and paste it in your text input box and it will magically appear in your window! Voila!!!

rickart said...

There's some character portraits and some location backgrounds that appear behind the characters... yes, and the interface as well.

We made all of the locations for this game in 3D with a program called Modo, a package that was created by some of the original programmers who made Lightwave.

Yes, we do have color restrictions, depending on the size of the image, etc.

Tom Carroll said...

Well ... nothing will ever be as cool as Freeze, my first game at Cinematronics. But if it can't be THAT cool, Rick, well, it's still really, really cool!

Congrats (and what's on the plate now?)