Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Horror

Someone else does a caricature of me. Better than the one Stephen Silver did of me.
Of The new muli-image caricatures, The Silver caricature is one a lot of you saw at the con. The Gary Meyers caricatuire is an attempt at recreating from memory all the awful aspects of the Silver caricature. Liver spots, balding, mal shaped nose etc.


Skribbl said...

Ouch. You look like you just got out of prison!

Oh wait, you aren't the one on the top right?

Oops. Sorry.


Where's the Stephen Silver one you promised?

Mr Goodson said...

I will post the group of caricatures that have been done of me when I get back into work tomorrow.
I'll post it in this spot. The artist by the way is a guy named Alex Chavez. He's a big fan of Stephen Silver. Skrbbl, Notice the one of Alex Topete. I will have a caricatiure by Alex Topete in my post tomorrow.

Davis Chino said...

Ellis, you are a very beautiful man, and whoever did this "piece" obviously is very jealous of you. I pity the artist.

He has certainly missed yr essence.

TopCat said...

I agree with D.C. ... you look like "Dr. FrankenEllis ..." Sheesh ... Mind you, he could have been capturing the seething, angry Ellis that's bubbling just below the surface ... Pinky and the Ellis.

Tom Moon said...

Ellis -

I'm still not sure why you think Stephen Silver's drawing was meant to be a caricature of you. It looks to me like he was just drawing a random character from his head. Anyway, the other artists' caricatures capture something of your physical likeness, but the heart of you is missing. When I look at you Ellis, I see a very young person, and that young-at-heart essence defines your character in my eyes.