Monday, August 21, 2006

Rick and Marty's Theory of Generational Anatomical Change Part2

My Dad as a Kid upper left. As a mature adult and as a man about 20 years older than I am now.
Below, me as a kid and me recently. Baldness skipped me. I'm a great example of never really achieving the look of an adult. Dad grew up during the depression. The worn out over-alls and bare feet aren't cute poses. Like Tom, I never missed a meal.

Unhealthy passion for fantasy on display. Shaved my head to be in a movie about Mothman


Mr Goodson said...

I've figured out a least one reason why there is more "adult" in the previous generation. It's diet but it's our diet for pop culture and fantasy. I'll never forget when the subject became Elvis Presley my Dad's quote "He never got a damn cent of my money." There was an aversion to the lie of glamour we just don't have today. If you've ever read or seen The Day Of THe Locust, all those fringe Hollywood people with an unhealthy obsession for movies and stars, that's become the personality of the whole country. That's me, maybe I act like my tastes are more eclectic, but it's still way too much obsession over fantasy. What's the cliche these days, everybody has a screenplay, right. Traffic cop stops a recognizable star and the cop makes a pitch.

Skribbl said...

Wow! Ellis! You were an awsome kid! But you turned out sorta.....funny :-P ( I love you Ellis, you know that)

My take is that you are definitely a product of your environment and experiences. No two people have the same exact experiences so you are going to develop...uh differently. Has anybody taken into accout the fact that you are also a product of two different people so you possibly couldn't end up looking like your parent(s)?? Retaining genetic similarities but different. Maybe I'm missing the point. I'll go back and reread.

Skribbl said...

Hey that clip wasn't there while I was posting!! Ellis are you the one on the table???

Mr Goodson said...

Yes. That's me on the Table. Of course that's not me on the table! That's Mothman. I'm dissecting him. I'm to the (stage) right of the big "baldie scientist"..
I think I'm the only one really selling it.

Tom Moon said...

You look like cousin Ronnie in that kid picture Ellis. And as an adult you look like Malcolm McDowell.

I think what we are looking for in these pictures is not so much how much we look like our dads as whether of not the differences that are there are "generational" in nature. That is, is there a 1960's "dad look" that goes beyond clothing and hair fashions to the physical attributes.

Actually, I have no serious theories in this regard; I just want to see pictures of everyone's ancestors.

I like seeing the pictures of your dad Ellis and I like his Elvis quote.

Davis Chino said...


Dammit, it is so cool what you and Tom have done! I posted one big long thing on Tom's post, and I'll gladly add more here later, but I just had to give you "props" for the photos.

And Mothman--! I don't know, looks to me like you give the camera a slightly embarassed look at the end--is that just me??

Gary Myers said...

Ellis, at first glance, I thought your dad was Sean Connery and you were Terrence Stamp. :)

Davis Chino said...

Skrib, you have a point. But this is where my evolutionary theory comes in--because people have to cleave to the (continually developing) norm of "attractiveness" in order to land a mate--hence people that randomly happen to be genetically "right" for their era become more succesful at reproducing.

Although this isn't really my point at all.

Ugh. I will post something better on this. It's been a busy week.

p.s. I was thinking about this today and I came up with the theory that it all has to do with radio--that the people who grew up having very few AM transmissions penetrating their bodies developed in a certain way, whereas the more powerful postwar signals filled with rock n' roll produced a generation rattled to their very microwave cores by the constant bombardment of Beatles, Elvis, and a new threat, TV!

Clearly, our generation, with the increasing fragmentation of the airwaves via FM, satellite signals, GPS, etc., spends most of their lives in a stupor of overstimulus.

Good Lord, think of what WiFi is doing to your corpus even as you read this!