Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Scott and his posting impotence.

Jeez, I hope I'm doing this right. Everytime time Ranjo tells me how to post I won't post and then end up forgetting HOW to post so when I finally WANT to post I can't post.

I'm trying to add a drawing I did for pre-production illustration work for a potential Edgar Rice Burroughs film based on "The Pirates of Venus." I'm dragging and dropping a picture on to this message (although I think that's the wrong way) so if you get text with no picture somebody let me know (again) the proper way. If you get picture and no text then this whole conversation is moot and pointless. And if the latter is the case let me say that I think Ellis is a poophead.

OK, here goes...


rickart said...

At the top of the posting window are a series of icons... one of them looks like a little snap-shot... that's the one that you click on to add an image to your post. Click on it and then click on the Browse button to find the image on your hard drive.

I'm looking forward to seeing your drawing!

Mr Goodson said...

The atmosphere on Venus is a dense black. I like it. Your best work