Friday, August 25, 2006

Brush Pen Pt.III

More fun with the brush pen. Hoses seem to be the theme of this one.

BTW I will be in Yosemite till Thusday so see ya next week!


rickart said...

I love the retro feel that this one has... he looks like a guy from Santa Claus vs. the Martians.

Have a great trip!

Mr Goodson said...

Keep the bears away from your snacks. I like the attitude of the guy. He doesn't look like he's comfortable in his Chemicalware. And the ear/light? shapes on the side of the big pointey cone. Like the background for popping the character

Tom Moon said...

At first glance it almost looks like an Elven warrior in full armor, then at second glance, what Rick says... kind of past meets future look.

I envy your brush skills. Did you do this one also with no prep lines?

Skribbl said...

Thanks guys.

Tom- yeah no underdrawing. Just old fashioned drawing by the seat of my pants. I saw Moebius at a Con once just drawing magically and I wanted to do that too. Still working on it.