Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Herman's Hogan, page 1

First page of a little comic ditty. Done to entertain Blair's six year old siblings. And all of humanity.

My apologies to the Navajo nation.


TopCat said...

Yeah, I know I'm not Navajo ... but that's one rockin' comic page. Kachina needs a name ;-)

Tom Moon said...

Isn't "Koymaki" the kachina's name?

Tom Moon said...

Marty -

Once again, your casual efforts have proven that you have found your calling. I haven't yet seen any pages from your jet-fighter-epic-in-development, but I hope it retains much of the humor and easy charm of the things you dash off for fun.

What's most inspiring is the fact that you did this for no higher reason than to amuse the little kids. Perhaps you are the 21st century Charles Dodgson, and look how well his little tales turned out.

Mr Goodson said...

I think I'll cut this up and do it in fl;ash. I want to see that robot that says i'm Riocking Now in motion. Great little strip

Skribbl said...

I like the Katchina character. He needs his own strip. FUN!

Davis Chino said...

Mr. Goodson! The point is that Koymaki the Kachina doll isn't moving at all when he is "dancing."

That's the "gag."

I'm only fifty-fifty on this gag in the first place, as there have been so many comercials, comics, etc., that play up the "stationary doll that talks like he is capable of movement", ie., the LeBron James Sprite commercial, (where little action figure dude races LeBron to last Sprite by hitching a ride on the back of a dog, etc.), and the Travelocity Garden Gnome (maybe I'm wrong on the products, but you get the idea).

I'm glad you guys like it--stay tuned for the "grand finale!"

Mr Goodson said...

Now I get it. I like the Gnome