Thursday, November 20, 2014

Going with the hovering 2 figures

Straight up rip of a Shane Glines pose for the hovering figure.
That's alright.
I may do the faint print out idea for this.

It has to be right in the sweet spot on the page. 
That would be easier if I'm working directly over the top of established images.
I have some old air brush color laying around. It's still good, and one bottle is magenta. It will make a good pink.
 Niblets, the familiar.
Something else I dabbled together today.
Need to get back to ventriloquism.


Rickart said...

I LOVE the pose of the middle female... just awesome stuff. Very natural and full of character.

Davis Chino said...


These look so dang great!

Did you go get those markers that we talked about?

Can't wait to see the final product--but I'm beginning to worry that you're starting to psych yrself out. Don't do it! My trick is always start a "practice" piece to warm up...and then just work on it 'til it looks done. Helps keeps ya loose.

Love this!

JMG said...

Love the gestures. I like where you are going with these

MrGoodson2 said...

Marty, didn't get the markers and have decided to do a full blown oil painting.

I'll post progression stuff

Going with a gray values study first, good digital record of that, then paint into it with color.

Old school.