Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Inktober 9-10-11-12-13-14-15(I stop at 15)

Not so hot drawing of Vaughn Bode's Cobalt 60 character.

I'm calling it Intober 10 right now. But I may do another werelion. Got one thumbnailed about as well as this art.
Another one. This time with arrows
Watched Karloff's THE MUMMY for a bit last night.
Inktober 13. Posted at midnight.
Colored Inktober12. I'll post more than a fragment if it comes out alright.
Walking Dead influenced the grisly direction of this one. Direct Ink to paper is always a kick if it works at all.
One more . Then I'll start a fresh thread. Do a week on that thread.
Kinda Rushed this before work. God I hate work.


Davis Chino said...

Yay Ellis! Tuesday drawing!

Bode...that stuff always seems so strange to me. Tho' at times I find myself drawing like him, usually his little creatures make my dermis molt.

Emotionally molt.

MrGoodson2 said...

I didn't do it organically enough. Just tried to ink a passable outline. Bode had a ton of construction that went on in his little cartoons. Then he inked. Inktober is all about ink line to paper. So I got in over my head. I'll keep my inks "me" here out.

There will be a 4 day blip where I go dark. Taking Mom to her High School reunion in Arkansas. Dicey to do but it may very well be Mom's last chance for this sort of affair.

I'll do my Inktobers in self defense while I'm in Gravelly , AR. Google it.

Davis Chino said...

Don't take my comment as a neg on yr stuff, El!

I was just discussing that style...like the movie "Wizards," right? (BTW, Johnny Gerardy had a vrry nice full-sized b&w poster of said available at Comic Fest--I was tempted, despite all my complaints about Bode.)

No rules to inktober--except keep going!

MrGoodson2 said...

Looks like Mom doesn't feel up to the trip. Inktober will have no continuity breaks.

Wizards is Bode filtered through Mike Ploog and Bakshi.

He was a hyper creative guy. Worlds and characters just pouring out of him. Of course the big black mark against him in my mind is he is the biggest big deal to Graffiti artists. That style is aped a lot.

Rickart said...

Can my drawings be filtered through Mike Ploog, too?

Davis Chino said...

El, yr scratch-ity thumbnails always look so dang good.

Now I have to go into hi-rez mode and figure out what the heck is going on....

Acrostics! Best example is one of my all-time fave stories, Nabokov's "The Vane Sisters." (Rejected by the New Yorker.)

Tom Moon said...

Great new Were-Lion drawing. Love the arrows assault!

Tom Moon said...

I'm really looking forward to your completion of Poe's "An Acrostic", but how will you show the actual acrostic effect with the current layout?

MrGoodson2 said...

Ah. Good question. I can't can I? And that's the whole point after all. A poet straining his brain to start the poem with the right letter whether it's the best word or not.

Maybe I'll work a ghost beginning of each line into the design of the main line being read.

Good challenge. Feel free to solve it for me.

james gorham said...

I like

Tom Moon said...

Maybe at the end of the book, add a sixth page with just the poem laid out to reveal the acrostic structure.

MrGoodson2 said...

Genius. That's what I'll do Tom