Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Did I Say Ellis is just a Chiselled Popeye...?

I should've added, "With extra hair."


MrGoodson2 said...

We've got the same squinchy eye.

I watch that Robert Altman Popeye about once every couple of years. It's a sweet film with a role of the lifetime for Robin Williams.

And I do look a bit Robin Williams-esque. The Square head club.

Does the card Jaw move?

MrGoodson2 said...

Popeye, strips and Fleischer didn't have much hair either.

JMG said...

Popeye: I'm your one and only exspring. See, we got the same bulgy arms.

Poopdeck Pappy: No resemblance.
Popeye: We-we got the same squinky eye.
Poopdeck Pappy: What squinky eye?

Popeye: That's going to be hard for you to see. Oh, we even got the same pipe, Pap.

Poopdeck Pappy: You idiot, you can't inherit a pipe! Ooh, I am poppa to no male. Nor no female child. That no court could prove otherwise.

Rickart said...

There's nothing I don't love about this conversation!

Davis Chino said...

Love it! Who couldn't love a character named "Poopdeck Pappy"???

And yes, El, the jaw moves!