Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Brush Tool in Illustrator

Sketched up the same way you'd use a ballpoint pen. I need to get a lot closer to illustrator. I understand a lot of its vector goodness, but I'm still novice level.
This is getting fun. Got a brush doing some very expressive thick to thin and got something loose like I like. And of course the illustrator illo is totally scalable. Just exporting high rez JPGs for the blog.
It's official now. I'm having too much fun
I thought this post could stand one more dollop before bed time. It's 11 where I am. It's 9 in my beautiful California. I weep.


Davis Chino said...

Looks great. And hey, take your fun any way you can. Glad to read you're enjoying yrself!

I planned to do the roll-out of my TAG story but got totally buried in Dr. appointments and car issues. Dang! So far behind!

MrGoodson2 said...

Hope Dr appointments aren't over anything very serious. Are you a Flu victim?

Tom Moon said...

Ah! Now these sketches have the true Ellis goodness about them, especially the last two. It's just where you should be putting all your energy, in my humble opinion.

Tom Moon said...

A happy Ellis is a productive Ellis.

Beata said...

I couldn't agree (with Tom) more. The last 3 sketches are pure delight! They, and others like them, will be what bring you back to your beautiful CA, Ellis. Indeed, you're with us more now than you ever were in that stifling hole of the last few years. I'm so very glad you climbed out of it! Keep having FUN, and plan to be in San Diego on Oct 4th, please.

MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks Beata, Tom. More experiments today.

I'm digging my Ashley Wood, Darwyn Cooke, potential for unapologetic looseness.

Because the line is so clean. And the program allows so much quick, post clean up.