Saturday, January 12, 2013

I've discovered a Wally Wood Tumblr.

Tumbl-in with Wally Wood as the search criteria gives great hits. Mid 50s on. Wood Tumblr
Enjoyed the desolate shot of Wood. A spartan type of living arrangement that Wood was totally used to from his rural life, military, dive apartments etc I read most of a bio book on Wood. I went to the location in Van Nuys where Wood shot himself. It was also pretty grim. Health issues made him decide it was time to shoot himself not grim surroundings.
Another no frills shot of Wood at work. Simple table, drawing board in his lap, straight back wood chair for posture.


JMG said...

where did you find this shot? What a grim existence and tragic end for a genius. Looking to pick up Woodwork when Bud Plant gets it back in stock later this month

JMG said...

on Tumblr I see

MrGoodson2 said...

Some guy with Wood's background as a country boy moving into the Merchant Marines into Paratroopers doesn't pay attention to his decor or let it get him down. Sitting on his own cot in front of a typewriter, doing something creative : ALONE. Is bliss. He didn't shoot himself over being in awful settings. Just had the drinking body give him enough pain that he says "F it."