Thursday, January 03, 2013

TAG Book update

I'm still taking entries, and will be for a couple of weeks yet.  I'm slowly putting it together, but I need more art.  I've made another appeal to the Seattle crew, but I need to get more from the old timers.  SEND ME STUFF!


Davis Chino said...


OK, I'm back home, unpacked and back at work. With your (most genial) deadline extension, here's my status.

What I will contribute:
The Cover (per everyone's input--& maybe you (Rick) can color it???)
"The Teen Ellis" a five page story.
"The Things Seen: The Art of Ron Thompson" should have enough for four pages.

What I HOPE to contribute in addition to this:
"Tales From The CORK!" Lil'Okie Ellis/Cork crossover story of four or five pages. (yes, Scott B. gave me his blessing!)

How's that sound?

Thanks again for organizing this--and being so patient!

MrGoodson2 said...

I'll finish my contribution with an eye to an improvement here and there. Since Marty will have you on hold for awhile, I should polish my 3 pager.