Saturday, January 12, 2013

Just Because Tom Asked

I'm no good at fancy fonts and such...everything begins to look like the Peachie folder doodlings of some middle-school girl.

But hey--perspective! And tonal coloring! I feel very proud of myself.

Y'know, I don't really know what possessed me to do this story, other than it makes me laugh.

And of course, a love of all things ELLIS.


Tom Moon said...

What can one say, other than "brilliant"?

MrGoodson2 said...

I'm with Tom. The high rez version is beautiful. I'd have a stack of comic books ten feet high if they had this level art work in it.
I'm honored it's remotely based on me.

MrGoodson2 said...

You might try having your tones in different layer so you can bring it up and down. I wonder if the foreground guys can almost get 80 percent tones and really make them framing elements of dark. Popping. You can never go wrong with popping. If if it's on a layer you can goof with it and always get it back.

Tom Moon said...

Marty, didn't your uncle Jack work for Mad Magazine?

Davis Chino said...

Dudes! Glad you like it!

El, I love yr suggestion and I've been doing a bit of that--just not very well! When you refer to the foreground dude, do you mean the guy on the left (already really dark) or the guy on the right (the one throwing the ball)?

Thanks for the comments! I'll keep at it!

Davis Chino said...

Tom--haha! Jack Davis is my spiritual uncle!

Seriously, I love Jack Davis's work, and have looked at my fair bit of it (starting way back), but believe it or not, this is just a way of drawing that feels "right". I like this point of intersection between all the anatomy/realistic drawing I've done and my cartoonier, animation stuff. If you look at some of the background figures here, I see a lot of my "Brushpen Breakfast" mileage showing up, (they're all invented). I'm deliberately NOT going to my old Jack Davis reference to gank poses or faces, etc.

But what can you do--it comes out looking the same anyway! Maybe we are related?

When I get this strip "finished," I want to go back and look at those B&W EC stories to see how they did the "coloring." 'Cuz I'm finding it very hard!!

Rickart said...

Teen Ellis is a delight, both for the art and the writing. I adore all of the characters in the periphery. I can't wait to read the whole thing!

Jim gave me a bunch of drawings! The book is starting to take shape.

MrGoodson2 said...

Whenever I see that "I feel very proud of myself" I think of Jeff Bridges in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. The brothers Seidel were also prone to saying that referring to the movie.

You say it with kind of a, half your face is paralyzed, slur, where it has a little spit to it.