Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tex Avery-41 Model Sheets

Click Headline to go to the page.
I've zipped them and put them on my domain real estate to make things easier for you. Right Click link - save.
The zip is 23.7 meg. Takes a couple of minutes to download off of fatcow. Not a super fast place to park stuff.
Here's that Bulldog I needed Marty...
Another of the Comicrazys pages. Don't you think this guy was a HUGE influence on Gary Larson.
Tex Avery! You bigot!

I bookmarked this as useful info for the comics publisher with a budget...
Lulu, my go to guys, don't make the list.


Surly Bird said...

Bad Luck Blackie is one of Avery's best. The way that pugnacious bulldog guffaws while abusing the kitten was permanently etched into my brain as a child.

MrGoodson2 said...

I just watched it. Gotta love youtube. Yuh hoo hoo hoo.

Deane D said...

Very cool model sheet though I'm not familiar with that character.

MrGoodson2 said...

It's interesting where the sensitivities to the old, vulgar cartoons cause edits. The uncut version of this on youtube claims there is just the one edit where the Bulldog sticks his head up through a BBQ chimney and for a split second looks like a "coolie" Chinese. Wearing the vent roof for a hat.
Here's a link to the cartoon.
Just looked at it again. That's an incinerator, not a bbq. People used to burn leaves, lots of trash in their own yards in that era.
I'll post the controversial image as well to the blog.