Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Panel by Panel

A panel from the Bounty Of Zone Z. Formatting stuff for my Lulu book.
Also added some of my Junkyard Dog boards, beautifully formatted into a PDF format by ToonBoob (edit: ha! Toon BOOB. Toon Boom) Storyboard Pro. It's like a nice frame. Makes the art look a lot better.
This Guy, Ryan Heshka, really gets the era of the pulps he is glorifying


Rickart said...

I'll buy that book!

Tom Moon said...

Me too!

MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks guys. It will be random. Getting all this random crap edited down to sample size. Smart samples hopefully.
But I'll follow on with the book you might really want. I'm going to have POD book that has all my comic work (there is so very little of it) in one volume. My Fairytales, Bounty of Zone Z, and all my sad , really atrocious attempts at samples. With the 6 by 9 format doing the tighten up for me.