Friday, October 30, 2009

The Kraken Awakes-Brush Pen Results, Reaction

I built the brush pen. Click the title for link to the original,Clay Butler, article on the parts necessary. I made quite a mess with the initial ink filling. I figured out the cartridge has a plunger that allows you to draw ink in without the mess.

Anyway, I love the thing. It's like having a windsor newton that you never have to re-moisten.

I posted some examples of my inking. It has smudges and a lot of rust apparent in my inking ability. Plus I was never much of an inker. But you can see how fine the line can be.

The little page of mechanisms are thumbnail sizes. All these sketches fit on paper 5 by 8.

The link above takes you to the only hard to track down part. The Lamy cartridge. You want the Z26 Lamy converter


MrGoodson2 said...

Is the direct link to the hard to find part. They delivered the cartridge very quick. The rest, the rapidiograph ink and the Kuretake brush can be had from Dick Blick

Kali Fontecchio said...

The last one reminds me of Myst/Riven!

Claytowne said...

Thanks for the link back to my tutorial. I'm going to update it with new links (some of the old ones are broken) and add tips on how to fill the cartridge. Nice work. I like both your pencils and inking. Loose and expressive.Also going to convert my entire Sidewalk Bubblegum site ( a blog format soon.

MrGoodson2 said...

Thank you Clay. I will share the question and answer thing we did in email as well. I'll summarize. I asked you if I should be taking any special care of the fairly expensive brush. Your experience has shown that you can leave it alone for days without worry of damage but that if you were going to idle it a month or more to clean it with water and soap.
Just basic maintenance. I love this thing. I should be thinking all digital but I love that ink line hitting paper.

Deane D said...

I like the way you have the sketches next to the inked versions. I like the look of the brush pen lines but was never any good with ink (so won't be trying this anytime soon.) Thank you for sharing all of this information.

MrGoodson2 said...

Deane. Ink is a pain in the butt. But this thing greatly reduces that. It's as easy to use as a disposable pen/brush but it's refillable. And that high quality kohinoor ink kicks the butt of the disposable non permanent inks.