Friday, September 25, 2009

More Brushes

Here's another image that I painted with Brushes. I see there's another sketching/painting app called Sketchbook Mobile... anyone try it yet?


John-Michael Morgan said...

Brushes kicks total ass. I dunno about Sketchbook Mobile, though. I haven't tried it.

This painting is so cool!

rickart said...

Thanks! Sketchbook looks like it has a lot more options, which I think may not be so good on such a small screen. One of the things I like about Brushes is that it's very accessible... everything I need is just a tap away. I'd hate to have to dig deeper just to get a brush I like, or pick the eraser.

MrGoodson2 said...

Great image. Must be fun to have an iPhone and know how to add apps to it.

I'll get an iPhone when they add a phaser to it. Just stun level though.
Don't want to accidentally disintegrate myself when I order pizza.

Tom Moon said...

So since I don't even own a cell phone, I don't know these things. Just to be clear, you are actually drawing these on your cell phone screen as though it were a Cintiq?

rickart said...

Yup, only no stylus, just my fingers.