Monday, November 17, 2008

Update on "Gun Nose Presents ..."

Here is what is currently the slate for the "Gun Nose Presents" comic book. I am doing an edit pass on the script, five stories, each three pages long ... and I should have that done this week. I will than send it out to the inside artists for review and discussion.

So far, my overall plan is to have the stories completed and inked by March of next year. Because my friend Johnny B. may need to take two non-art jobs to cover his living and child support expenses (a recent development ...) he will likely not be available to ink the book like I had planned. I have a backup plan in mind, however.

BTW: if any of you know of a permanent art job, I'd love to steer Johnny toward it; he's currently looking at the Post Office and his current graveyard shift at Wal-Mart ... not a great existence for an artist).

So here is the cast as it stands right now:

Storyteller – Tom Carroll

Front Cover – Ben Herrera

Story 1 – Pencils by Johnny B. (nearly done), Inks by Tony DeZuniga
Story 2 – Pencils by Tom Carroll
Story 3 – Pencils by Rick Schmitz
Story 4 – Pencils by Ellis Goodson
Story 5 – Pencils by Joe Staton

Pinup #1 – Pencils by Tony DeZuniga, inks by Johnny B.

Pinup #2 – Pencils by Tim Vigil

Pinup #3 – Pencils by Ernie Chan

Pinup #4 – Pencils by Matt Haley

Pinup #5 – Pencils by Sanjulian

Pinup #6 – Pencils by Brent Anderson


rickart said...

Wow! I'm pretty honored to be sharing a book with Ellis, Ben and Brent!

I assume I'm inking my own pages... need me to color 'em, too? :)

I look forward to the script!

Tom Carroll said...

Well ... I was thinking it might be fun to draw names from a hat ... that way you might be inking Ellis' pages, or Joe Staton's ...

But I'm starting with pencils first, I'll then assess what my inking resources are!

I'm really trying to minimize the total work for each participant.

rickart said...

I'm thinking that guys like Joe Staton and Ernie Chan aren't going to be interested in inking my pencils, but I could be wrong...

Mr Goodson said...

I'm ready. Let's do it

Tom Moon said...

Very impressive and inspiring how you've organized all this Tom. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Tom Carroll said...

Whoa ... !!

Me too ...