Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cork 9

And lo, the angels wept with joy for I FINALLY FINISHED MY FRIGGIN' GRAPHIC NOVEL!
About bloody time! I will be showing you some excerpts from the book soon (including colored pages), but now that I'm finished it means I can finally get back to more Cork.
In fact, here's one now...


Mr Goodson said...

Did you get someone else top do this Cork? It's funnier.

Congrats on finishing the Graphic Novel. Can't wait to see samples.

Cork is awesome, whoever is doing them

rickart said...

Congrats on finishing the novel! When can we expect to see it on the shelves?

Jeff said...


oh I meant the new Cork.

I am one of the angels weeping.

Scotty Buncake said...

Jeff, you are like hot butter in my eyes.

Ellis, you are like the spoon that scoops the hot butter into Jeff's eyes.

Rick, honestly I have no idea who you are.

Deane D said...

Yay! More Cork!

Poor Sam, good thing he changed that first name. Just think how that would have affected your sale of Sam dolls and action figures.

Beata said...

I think the name "Poops" is rather endearing.
For a hamster.
Especially this hamster.

Beata said...

I also like Vlad's mangling of Cork's name (something I can identify with). That has "Scott" written all over it.