Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Pacifist Looks Forward

While mourning past and current sacrifices (both military and civilian, both heroic and needless), I look forward to a far-too-distant time when our species as a whole will finally understand this:

The moment you pick up a [insert choice of weapon here], for the purpose of eliminating a fellow human being, is the moment you've run out of ideas.


Tom Carroll said...

Absolutely. A great post, Beata.

Deane D said...

That is a very good point to think about.

The image is good, too. Is that your artwork?

Mr Goodson said...

I just want our guys to have the best. And to always be supported. They go and do what they are told, in less than ideal situations, while I go to the mall and the movies and play games.

rickart said...

Amen to one and all.

Beata said...

I should have followed my first instinct to just post the drawing without any accompanying text, but I think Veteran's Day (so hard on the heels of your Sylvester & ex-Tweety post) must have really gotten to me. From now on, I'll try to keep my personal philosophies off this blog.

It's older than I care to admit (and of course there are things I'd change about it now), but yeah, it's mine. The original was a 3.5" tall pencil drawing. About 15 yrs later I was experimenting with xerox enlargements (still well before the home computer age) and liked the raw effect achieved at 250-300% size and perhaps 3rd or 4th generation ... that's what you're seeing.