Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eyeball Game

link is the title.

it;s fun. i hover around 5 .

you can beat it


Beata said...

I played it three times:
2.22 ... (screwed up the triangle center and got a 9!)
I got a 0.0 once on the parallelogram and twice on the convergence. :-p

Mr Goodson said...

Yes, I think triangle center was the confusing concept.. Equidistant from a side is what they mean and I'm not sure that's actually the center. Very good Beata. You did as well as anyone at work

rickart said...

Who boy, I suck. 15.

In my defense, one of them I really screwed up on because I released before I figured out what I was supposed to be doing on it, so that threw off the average a bit.


Tom Moon said...

I was briefly famous as #5 of the last 500 games with my score of 2.45 after playing 3 times. I thought I was good, but Beata is an Eyeballing Goddess.

Mr Goodson said...

I've yet to get below 4 and I try hard.

Beata must be a hell of a parallel parker. Turns back in precisely when she hits that 45 degree turn out angle

Mr Goodson said...

I managed a 2.60. I'm retiring