Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Shame faced

I post this shame-facedly. There's so much that's been posted here that I've wanted to comment on--Tom's videos, Cork, and I see a new comic strip that I haven't even had time to delve into. My only defense is I'm horrible at multi-tasking. I haven't even applauded the new TAG Blog header, which is magnificent.

Sigh. I'll get back to it.


Mr Goodson said...

Nice gorilla type. You can tell he likes smelling daisies as well as body slams

Mr Goodson said...

I forgive your neglect

rickart said...

I love this face... although I think it expresses indifferent superiority rather than shame... ;)

Also, the header is NOT magnificent... it was all of 3 minutes work.

Tom Moon said...

"Also, the header is NOT magnificent... it was all of 3 minutes work."

No no Rick. You know the artist's rule. Whenever anyone asks you, "How long did that picture take to make?", your answer is always, "Three minutes -- and fifty-five years," (or forty-six years, or twenty-two years, or however old you are.)

Davis Chino said...


My lummox drawing was just something I had handy--HE'S not shame-faced about ANYTHING.

Rick, I agree with Tom with an extra modifier--doesn't matter HOW long it took, matters that it kicks ass!! You're making us all look like pros.

And hey, post something about your new job--how you're liking it, etc. We care!

Tom Carroll said...

Commenting on Marty's drawing took me all of fifty-one years, minus the one and a half minutes it actually took.

Can I get those minutes back? ...


Lovely expression on the face, btw.

rickart said...

Marty... as far as the job goes, so far, so good! The company is great… loads of perks and nice people. PopCap has a great company culture and the produces are all about being really fun and polished. I’ve heard it called “the Blizzard of Casual Games”. The job itself isn’t totally defined, so I’m in the midst of doing that as well as getting acquainted with everyone here.

Seattle is pretty cool so far as well… this is the first time I’ve worked in a genuine “Downtown”, so it exciting just to ride the bus into town with all of the activity and tall buildings. There’s a monorail that runs a block away, so it’s sort of like being at Disneyland! The kids are in great schools and we are hoping to be in a house soon. Ronnie and Romi were over for Brunch last weekend and we’ve had visits with Sue’s cousin as well.