Friday, September 19, 2008

Norbert and Billy 11

I missed a day and I only had time to scan one strip. Enjoy!


Mr Goodson said...

did you have the strip thumbnailed for the entire run or did you attack each strip individually, a gag and an illustration at a time?

Surly Bird said...

Mostly a gag and an illustration at a time, as I recall. Occasionally I'd write two or three days in sequence, but that was the exception, I think. The timing on some strips worked better than others and sometimes I'd work in reverse. I'd have the punchline and then deconstruct the scene to set it up.

rickart said...

I think the staging on this one is a little wonky... in the last panel it looks like the crazy guy is staring at the wall past the duck rather than at the duck. Also, I think the gag would have had more punch if the duck actually "thought" the word "crazy" or "loony" or "nuts" somewhere before the guy turns on him.

Another thought has just occurred to me... if the duck had actually been relishing the idea of watching a fight erupt between the cop and the crazy guy and then the guy turns on him, that might make for a funnier situation.

Just a couple of thoughts... see you later this morning, Surly!