Friday, September 19, 2008

Return of Gun Nose (Liberal Warning ...) ;-)

Here is a new film, an introduction to a collection of music videos that will be coming out about one a week. The overall show is called "Gun Nose Presents" ... and this segment will come before each of the videos. It is quite liberal in its leaning, so if you're not of that mindset, don't look ... ;-)

For those who don't already know, I wrote the music and lyrics and my friend Mark DeCerbo (he of local bands Four Eyes, Steely Damned, and Rockola) recorded the instruments, vocals, and mixed it.

As I finish each video I'll post it. Most, if not all, will have character animation, so I will be rapidly learning new skills.


Mr Goodson said...

catchy tune. Nice after FX work.The inked illos may nice components for the compositing

Mr Goodson said...

Not "may", make, nice components

rickart said...

You are really getting the hang of this After Effects stuff, Tom. Each time you tinker with it the result looks more and more polished.