Thursday, February 07, 2008

Skewlewags by Chewie

Click on the title to see more cool work by this guy Chewie. Apparently he draws these on photos of walls, sidewalks and curbs. Rick, I thought you might be especially interested in this stuff. Looks like there are lots of links to other illustrators and concept artists on this page too.


rickart said...

OHG! These are FANTASTIC! What a great idea, and very well done to boot!

Thanks for sharing, Tom! These are really fun.

rickart said...

Whoops... I mean "OMG"

I guess OHG could be "Oh Holy God!"...

Jeff said...

Nice find Tom! So they're not in a book or anything??? Looks like a TV show or videogame waiting to happen.

Rick -More possiblities:

Oh Hairy Greek!
Oh Hell Gods!
Oy Hava naGila!
Opossum's Hefty Gonads!
Oily Hair Grubs!
Odiferous Hippopotamus Glands!
Obama Hat Grime!
Octopus Hitler Genes!
Opulent Hummingbird Grease!
Orbiting Hackey Geeks!

Tom Moon said...

Actually I see a lot of Ranjo in them too, but with skeletons and ghouls instead of robots. (I almost typed ROBAT) Hey, how about a ROBAT!

rickart said...

That sounds like a sketch challenge to me! Everyone draw a Robat!

Mr Goodson said...

I shared this at work. I thought it was actual paintings in the outdoor settings. Photoshop of course. Even that one that one on the Pier.

Tom Moon said...

I almost missed the fact that he posted more on subsequent pages 2 through 5!