Friday, February 29, 2008

I HEART Rockfish

Watching old episodes of The Rockford Files is the only way I've yet found of connecting my present day experience of living in LA with any of the city's former charms.

Sketched via pause button. I was looking for expressions. You can judge how short the drawings fall by comparing them to the attached descriptions, like, "BLITHE SCHADENFREUDE." Ellis, can you name that perennial 70's era heavy who mocks Jimmy from the upper left hand corner?


Mr Goodson said...

I recognise him. I'd have to look his name up. The gay hitman with partner Gig Young in Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia.

Really nice work. Rockford files is a show that none other than John D MacDonald thought was a well written show

Mr Goodson said...

Robert Webber

rickart said...

Nice drawings! They don't look drawn from photos, which is really the trick.

Rockford has a special place in my heart... of all of the 70s detectives, he was the the most fun to watch. The story I heard was that Garner did all his own stunt driving... I'm guessing that's PR BS, but it sure sounded cool at the time.

I guess it was fun to watch Hawaii 5-O too, but that was because of un-intentinal humor... Jack Lord was such a stiff and they would hire hawaiian locals to do the bit parts. Those guys could barely get out their lines, let alone "act".

Davis Chino said...


Rick, it is true that Garner did much of his own driving--he was a very good driver, even doing a few professional races. And thanks mucho for the compliment. I have not been on this dear blog for far too long. Got to shake of the rust!


Davis Chino said...

Damn, I don't proof my comment and wind up going "of" instead of "off."

Jeff said...

Yay Marty is back!! And kills with the Rockford Files. I was a fan of Mannix myself. That Mike Connors sure was dreamy. Keep posting brother.

And when are we having dinner??? Can you make dinner next Wednesday when Tom and Joe come up to Sony?? Don't think Ellis knows about this but maybe he'll read this.

Tom Moon said...

Great drawings Marty! Amazing how you can draw such good likenesses. I'd love to see all of you guys when Joe and I come up, but I'll probably need to talk more with Joe next week about who else will be carpooling with us. Not everybody may be able to stay past the demo that day (4:00 to 8:00 pm) for a late dinner. Or maybe you have talked to him already Jeff? At any rate, we'll be in contact.